Monday, August 22, 2016

Back to School with Tiddly!!!

Here is my make for the Back to School Challenge at Tiddly Inks!  I used the School Girl digi!  There she is, carrying her books in a high, heavy heap!!!  I remember those days!  I enjoy reading but mostly these days, it's just scripts-or blogs!  This little image is making me want to get back to some hardback books and take my time with it.

Have you entertained yourself with a good book lately?  If so, please let me know the title and author in the comments!  I'm reading The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer.  It's about an artist who asked her fans for funding (before crowd funding was a thing) and they responded with "Yes and here's more!".  How cool is that?

After a performance this past week, I was carrying three huge bags back to my car and a nice young man asked if he could help.  For some reason, I don't know why, I said, "No thanks, I got it" and I clumsily carried everything out on my own.  Why? I don't know.  Accepting help would have made more sense but sometimes, thinking to ask or accept help is foreign to me.  That's something I need to work on.  Being open and accepting of help.

As many people are starting a new semester, a new school year, new classes,  I'll start a commitment to myself, to chill out and take a helping hand every once in a while.  We are in this together.  Life is a collaboration.  Giving others the opportunity to help us takes a different kind of strength.  A humble strength.

I'll challenge myself to ask for what I want more!  Even typing that made me nervous but it's out in the blogesphere so I'll be accountable!

Well, whatever kind of classes you are starting, whether in a large university or just a class of one involving self improvement, know that we are in this together.  Suffering in silence is no good.  Let it out and ask for help.  Unless you don't need any help.  In that case, ask for a double helping of help! lol

Thank You for stopping by!!!!


Buttercup xoxo

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Anything Goes with Shy Violet!!!

She's SPUNKY!  She's funky!  She really likes monkeys!  She might not say, "Hi" but she's not rude, she's just SHY!  Say "Hiiiiieeeeyyy!" to Shy Violet! hahaha

Oh Yes, this girl is no Shrinking Violet, oh no, she's just a little bit shy!

I can be shy too.  Unless you meet me on a stage or at work, I am reserved in the worlds in between.  So basically in my car.  Yes, in my car I'm pretty quiet. :)

This little card is for the Anything Goes Post this week!  I used the digi stamp Shy Violet because she may be quiet, but you can tell she is one fierce flower!

We all have many sides!  We are diamonds baby!  I hope you learn to love all of your fascinating facets, from your quiet shy side to your verbose, sassy side!  Each personality aspect serves a purpose to help us heal and reveal our best selves.

Thank You for stopping by!!!

From one Sometimes Shy/Sometimes Sassy Gal to another,  my wish for you is to face yourself and embrace yourself <3 p="">

Buttercup xoxo

Monday, August 8, 2016

Under the Sea with Tiddly Inks!

This little mermaid is swimming and sashaying in the water as only a Mini Mermaid can!  This little shaker card is is colored up with Crushed Grape, Vibrant Turquoise and London Blue Dylusions Paint!    She has a little turtle friend (chipboard by Recollections)! 

Since the beginning of time, (or of my time on Earth), I have LOVED mermaids!  I've even dressed up as a mermaid in my real life!  What what?  I know!  I'm basically as awesome as people get…people who love mermaids! lol 

This little digi by Tiddly Inks is just precious!!!!

You are invited to join in the Under Water Challenge this week!  Just use a Tiddly Image and create a make in the theme of Under Water!  Our Design Team has whipped up some fab creations to inspire you!

Thank You for stopping by!  Keep Swimming my little Merfriends!

        Buttercup xoxo

Monday, July 18, 2016

Shy Violet has Fun in the Sun!

Oh Sunshine, isn't it miraculous?  Sure, the Moon is fabulous too, but the Suuuuuunnnn!  It gives us Vitamin D, happiness, warmth, food energy, precipitation and light! It  is the reason our gardens grow!  The Sun is that special star that is always up there, working, giving, sharing and caring, even on the days we neglect to acknowledge it, it's STILL there giving us LIFE!  Amaze-balls!

Oh and this little character on my card?  Shy Violet, she knows ALL about Sun worshipping!  If it wasn't for the Sun, there would be no Violets or life as we know it.  Isn't that amazing?  I have no idea HOW the world works, how humans breathe air and live on Earth, but one thing is for sure.  It's a miracle.  You are a miracle.  I am a miracle.  Your weird neighbor is a miracle.

So why did I make this little miracle of a card?  As if you didn't already know, it's for the Tiddly Ink Design Challenge which is to create an image using a Tiddly Ink's digi or stamp, in the theme of "Summer Sun"!  My mind immediately went to a beach theme but I resisted the urge and chose to celebrate flowers instead!  But don't think I don't love beach themed cards, oh I do!  I just wanted to venture into flower land!

Today, first of all, Thank You for showing up and checking my little blog out!  I appreciate your interest and comments more than you will ever know!  :)  And second of all, why not acknowledge the Sun today?  We can't give the Sun a high-five or a fist bump but we can feel how grateful we are in our hearts for all the Sun does.  Sure, when we are unprepared it might burn us or melt our popsicle but for the most part, the Sun is an alright star if you ask me!

Know you are always Welcome to join in the Tiddly Ink's Challenges!

Have so much fun, know you CAN and you DO make a difference in the world just by being YOU!  You could be the Sun in someone's personal solar system and not even KNOW it!  Isn't that cool?  So, Shine Bright, go forth and spread the light!


Buttercup xoxo

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Anything Goes with Molly!

Molly is the cutest!  Here's a little make I made for Anything Goes with Tiddly Inks!

Thank You for stopping by!  I have to run to rehearsal right now, hopefully I'll add more to this post later gator!

Much Love!

~Buttercup xoxo

Monday, July 4, 2016

Make it Pop with Tiddly Inks Challenge!

     Hello Everyone and Welcome to today's post!  

At Tiddly Inks we are celebrating 3D effects with our Make it Pop Challenge!  You are invited to join in!  All you need to do to participate is to make a new make, (card, tag, gift bag, scrap page, journal entry etc.) using a Tiddly Ink's image and some sort of 3D "POP" effect!  I went with Foam Dots under my cupcake image to make that pop!

I hope you enjoy my little tag and find some inspo!!!  It doesn't have to be elaborate, just have fun with your make!

Thank You so much for stopping by!!!!

         Buttercup xoxo                                                                   

Copic Sketch Markers
Wooden Donut
Congrats Cling Stamp
Washi Tape
Die Cuts
Double Sided Foam Dots for Pop effect
White PC-1MR Posca Marker
Blue Metallic EK tools marker
Metal Clip

Monday, June 20, 2016

Molly Swims Tingo!

Here is Molly Swims showing her Rainbow Pride!  In my interpretation, Molly is a friend to ALL.  I colored her up to be celebrating Pride since June is Pride month, an inclusive celebration for all people who love love! :)

Copic Sketch Markers
Washi Tape
Black & White Posca PC-1MR
"LOVE" die cut
Frame Die

You are invited to join in on our challenge this week which is Tingo!  Simply pick either 3 across, 3 down, or 3 diagonal elements in the Tingo Table to use on your next Tiddly make to join in the fun!!!  Be sure to include the middle "Tiddly Inks Image/Stamp" box in your selection!  Check out our challenge blog here!

Have so much fun!!!!

       Buttercup xoxo