Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall for Tiddly Ink's: Goodbye Summer Challenge

Hello Whoever's Watching :) Fall is a tough season to wrap my imagination around while I am sweating in 90 degree weather...but I'll try :) Fall is the time of year that makes me go, "WHAT? What month is it? What happened to last month?" From fall on, time rapidly passes...and then it's Halloween Party! Christmas Party! Jewish Holiday Party! New Years! Valentine's Day! Ah! How did we get so many holidays?

I'm more of a fan of celebrating the Unbirthdays, the Nonholidays...preparing meals for no reason, giving gifts out of season...calling people on the phone just because I can. When there's the pressure of apreprinted-generally acknowledged holiday on a calendar...I'd rather take a nap. (this is only slightly true).

Back to the craft at hand! This week's Tiddly Ink's Challenge is to use your Tiddly Ink's images to create a "Fall" inspired project or card. As you can see, fall makes me think of a blond girl being tangled in a leash, wondering where all the time went. Birds fly. Metal flowers grow. Clocks tick. And sparkle. :)

Thank You so much for checking in! Please feel free to participate in this week's challenge, and share some of your own crafty flare.

Peace & Skittles
Love, Buttercup XOXO

Questions? Email me at buttercupblogs@gmail.com

Friday, August 27, 2010

Lil Lolita SKETCH!!!

Hello Everybody! 's me again! Happy to share a little card I made for one of my friends who is overseas, saving the world! :) I made her a "Bon Voyage" card when she first set out and she told me, "I wish there was some way to hang it up, to display both sides" because she loved the front and the back equally. Hence: Voila! Tadaa! (see below)

The Vertical Striped side (without the image) is where I will put my personal message. I have yet to fill it out, obviously! :)
This little card is inspired by The Lil Lolita Boutique Challenge this week which is to follow a sketch they have posted HERE.

SUPPLIES: STAMPS: Lylah from Lil Lolita Tickled Pink Stamps/"oooh-la-la!" by Hampton Art Jill Meyer/ Spotted Butterfly from The Greeting Farm's "Spotlight" set. INK: Walnut Stain & Broken China Distress Ink by Ranger/Sky Blue Pearlescent Brilliance Dew Drop pigment ink. COLORED: in Copics. PAPER: by 7 Gypsies. OTHER: Gold thread/Kiss Shaped Eyelets/Woven Ombre 3/16th" ribbon by Martha Stewart.

Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm; it moves stones, it charms brutes. Enthusiasm is the genius of sincerity and truth accomplishes
no victories without it. ~Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

Whatever you do today, may you do with ENTHUSIASM! :) Thanks For Visiting my blog!
Peace :)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A+ Back to School with Tiddly Ink's

School is back in session. Summer break is over. Send 'em off with a little bit of love and encouragement. For many (like myself), school can be stressful and full of bizarre tasks. In class, I doodled, wrote short stories and daydreamed about fashion...pretended to listen, pretended to take notes, smiled, nodded, put up a good front. It was good training for the real world! :)
Let your little one know (or if you don't have a little one, let your friend who's a parent know), you are there for them, should the homework get too heavy.
We all could use a little encouragement sometimes. And I get that supportive feeling when I see "Annie" holding up her card like that sassy cheerleader-of-a-friend we all hope to have, and all aspire to be.

Consider this your official invitation to join in the Tiddly Ink's Challenge this week which is to create a project, inspired by a "Back to School" theme using Tiddly Ink's digital stamps which you can find here.

It has been a pleasure taking this crafty little walk with you. I hope you find something you like, and let it inspire your own creations.

SUPPLIES: "Annie's Card" by Christy Croll for Tiddly Inks, Colored in Copics, Diamond Stickles, Red thread, White Marker, 3 Buttons, Scraps of Paper.

~Buttercup :)

P.S. If you have any questions or comments you would rather not leave in the "comment" form below, please email me at buttercupblogs@gmail.com

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lovely, Lousy Love

Welcome to a little bit of heartbreak. Lilith (pictured below), has gone through some disappointment. Got all dressed up, even put her favorite headband on, only to find that her heart is locked in a cage, unable to play...it happens to the best of us, does it not?

Fear not, Lilith! There is A Someone who has the key, maybe even many someones, Somesomes! There is no rush. Only you have the wings to set that pitter patter free.

Hello & Welcome! I am pleased to say I FINALLY get to play with my Tickled Pink Stamps!!! And do the Lil Lolita Boutique challenge this week!!!

I love this "Lil Lolita Lilith" character because she seems so honest and beautiful. Not at her happiest moment, but a candid moment-even a sad one-are often the most exquisite...in a way that the smiley "Say CHEEEESE" pictures deny.

Thank You all for sharing...I wish you happiness, courage and a heart that is flying high.

SUPPLIES: "Lil Lolita-Lilith" stamp from Tickled Pink Stamps/"This isn't what I imagined" clear art stamps "party queen"/"Bricked" by Stampers Anonymous tim holtz/Colored in Copics, distress ink/diamond stickles/hand made paper roses with 2 brads/some pearls for the bird cage/"caged bird" sizzix by tim holtz

Have a Beautiful Day/Evening :)

Buttercup xoxo :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tiddly Ink's Challenge: Share Your Favorite Movie!

Do you ever feel crazed? Hazed? Dazed? Amazed? Almost like you're in a maze? And you don't even know where the cheese is! Or, where your baby brother is? ...me neither. But Jennifer Connely, or her character in Labyrinth, well, she felt that way. And this little arch is inspired by that exact movie! From 1986.

Tiddly Ink's Challenge this week is to create a card or paper project using your Tiddly Ink's stamps, which is inspired by one of your favorite movies. When I saw "Katrina" it instantly made me think of Jennifer Connely in the opening scene of Labyrinth directed by Jim Henson.

STAMPS: By Tiddly Inks: Katrina/Gothic Window/Castle in the Sky. By Stamper's Anonymous: Bricked.
COLORED: in copics and distress inks
ARCH: Fancy Gothic Arch #1 by Roni Johnson Ink Stains from The Gothic Arches.

You are all welcome to play along! Thank You for stopping by :)


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tiddly Inks WINDOWS Challenge :)

Hello to all you Tiddly Inkers & onlookers!!! The Tiddly Inks Challenge this week is to create a card or project with an opening or a window you can either open or that you can see the image through! (using your tiddly inks digis, of course)

"Flower Girl" came to mind. A beautiful little girl offering flowers through a giant hole in the wall, could anything be cuter?

For this card, I challenged myself to keep it simple. No frills. No glitter. No brads or paper flowers. Just a sweet little character, some simple handwritten sentiment, and a little bit of distress ink! Why not?

My hope is for this card to find itself in the hands of one of my friends who is currently in need of a little tender loving care. Steve, this one's for you! You are in my thoughts and heart today. I wish you a speedy recovery. (He LOVES pink hence all the pink on the inside:)
The personal sentiment will be written to the left of "Flower Girl". Thank Goodness for friends or I would have no one to create for! Just stop having car accidents everybody! And stop being sick! Enough with all the tragedies! I prefer making "Congratulations!", "Thank You!" and "You're So Awesome!" cards as opposed to all the rest. But life is filled with both Welcomings & Farewells, Congratulations & Get Wells. I am thankful for all the rich souls who have walked into my life...and some even stay a while...and that is especially nice. :)

SUPPLIES: STAMPS: "Always a flower girl" by Tiddly Inks/"Bricked" by Tim Holtz
COLORED: Copics/Tumbled Glass & Walnut Stain Distress Ink/black marker

Thanks Again for checking in, and allowing me a space to share some of what I love to do with you. :) I look forward to your creations!!!

Buttercup XOXO :) :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cheeky Frog

Gratitude is the best attitude...because you can't always count on tomorrow.

SUPPLIES: I am excited to say that this is my first little character I am sharing with you which I drew...she is not a stamp. Her face is inspired by the title character of Chris Danowski's play, FrogWoman. Her body is inspired by The Greeting Farm's "Cheeky Glamour" rubber stamp. To me, she is FrogWoman...but that might be copywritten or something so um...I'll call her...oh who knows..."Cheeky Frog"?
STAMPS: "Bricked" by Tim Holtz/"Heads" & "Daisy,Daisy" by Stampotique/"Zen Frog" by Dog Gone Stamps/Tim Holtz quote from the cling set, "The Journey".
COLORED: Copics/Distress Ink/Brilliance Ink
OTHER: Diamond Stickles/Red embroidery thread

Thank You for looking around and allowing me the space to share some of what I love to do with you...

Buttercup :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dolls Aren't So Creepy!

...they're CUTE! Or at least, a day of doll making has made me feel this way... Meet "Pixie Brewster"...feminine and a little rough around the edges...just like the best of 'em. Men included :)

Here she is without wand, with wand...and this is her not fully completed, no sparkles, no bling, no hair accessories...but I am kind of liking her grunged out.

This little lady is what I came home with after a Pixie class with Jenny Adams Hernandez. I have seen a few samples from Jenny's classes and have admired how ridiculously cute and unique her creations are. Today was so fun because I got to make my own!

The instructions are classified information which I am not allowed to share :( But I can say, they're made of "Creative Paperclay" which is AWESOME and really easy to manipulate. I highly suggest playing with it...

Craft on Ladies and Gentleman!
Thank You so much for checking her out. Let me know what you feel and think about dolls. Creepy? Cute? What? Thanks:)


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thank You, Goodnight!

No, she did not have an "accident"...she just stood a little too close to the mister. It's hot in Phoenix, AZ. It happens...

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." -Anais Nin

Thank You to the Cast and Crew of FW:)

And so our show closed last night. FrogWoman @ Soul Invictus in Phoenix, AZ. Time for Thank You's & Goodbye's and See You Later's. Maybe;) ;) I won't get all mushy talking about how fun it was to work with such a crazy cast, or how wonderful it was to work with a unique script, or how grateful I am to have been half green...the fact of the matter is...it was awesome...It was also yesterday...so I am feeling a mixture of boos & yays! Mostly yays for the fact that it happened and I was there! Didn't get the t-shirt to prove it, but should get one eventually...right Franc? heheheheh :)

STAMPS: "welcome door" by stampotique/"daisy daisy" by stampotique/"monday","wednesday" & "thursday" by the greeting farm/"Princess Charming" by Tiddly Inks/sentiment from "friendship" by Dawn Houser for Inkadinkado.
COLORED: copics & distress inks & of course, as always, DIAMOND stickles!

Smiles, giggles & Many Thank You's,
Buttercup XOXO

"Honestly now, this is a good life, isn't it? What could I possibly want? What more could I want? How could there be more than this? What else is there?" -FrogWoman by Chris Danowski