Thursday, December 8, 2011

Step Away From the Doll!

Hello Everyone!

Long time no blog! I hope this finds you comfy and cozy, enjoying 2011 as it is coming to a close!

This piece I am sharing with you today is a commissioned work meant to represent a specific person who shall remain nameless.

I am kind of in love with him. The doll. Not the person. Although, he is a lovely person...we just are not each other's types ;) ;)

Anyway, back to the subject of this doll: As for what he is made of, he has wire innards, along with floral tape, paper clay everything else, some wood in there too, acrylic paints, pieces of foam, satin and matte varnish, black sparkles for the pants...a little box, and that's about it. Oh, and tons and tons of love <3

Not including his box, he measures just under 5.5" in height! He's a tiny fella with tons of sass!

Why this was an exciting job for me: GLASS EYES! This is my first time working with glass eyes. Usually I just paint them on, but working with more realistic eyeballs is super fun. It ups both the creepy and cute factor at the same time. And I am a total fan of each! These are brown flat back oval glass eyes size 6mm (which were the smallest ones I could find in my neighborhood. Online, you can find even smaller ones!)

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Thank You! And Have a Great rest of the year!!!


Buttercup :) XOXO