Monday, April 25, 2016

Sugar Plum Fairy with Dragonfly

Sugar Plum Fairy delicately dances among the dragonflies!  She's a believer and a dreamer in butterflies and in beautiful moments to come!  She reminds us all to nurture the tiny dancer within, slow down, and share your sweetness with others :)

Hello Hello!  Welcome!

The Tiddly Ink's Challenge this week is to create a make using a Fairy image!  I chose Sugar Plum Fairy but you may choose another!  Christy from Tiddly Inks has an array of adorable images to choose from!

Materials Used:
Colored in Copics
Cling Stamp
Baker's Twine
Sizzix Die
Distress Ink

Thank You for stopping by!  Be the FIERCE FABULOUS FAIRY that you are!!! xoxo

        Buttercup xoxo

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Flamingos Greet Bathing Beauty!

She's not afraid of getting her feet wet!  This girl is all about soaking up that Vitamin D, even the flamingos find her friendly!  She's chillin' at the beach, she's Bathing Beauty!

As far back as I can remember, I myself have loved the water!  The swimming pool, the lake, the beach, the bathtub!…swimming until I was absolutely famished, in need of some mac n' cheese!  I remember how tight and sun kissed my freckled face felt, and how freezing my goose bumped skin was when it was time to go back inside, into the air conditioning.  Ahh…memories!

Although this image does remind me of my own swimming adventures, she also makes me think of my Grandmother!  Mi abuela Rosalina rocked a hair style and a fashion very similar to this image!

Well, hello by the way and thank you for stopping by!  My wish for you today is that you enjoy wherever water is present in your day!  May that be in washing your face, feeling the rain, or watering your garden, I hope you are lucky enough to experience the wonder that is water!  The human body is about 50%-75% water so, there's that to be grateful for too!  Yay water!

Happy Fabby Friday!!!

        Buttercup xoxo

Monday, April 11, 2016

New Image Reveal!

He's a very sassy Squiddddy!  
The kind that lives deep in the ocean!
He's so smart!
He writes letters!
He even knows how to do calligraphy!  
And right now he is "inking' of you"!
Could he be your Squiddy Boo?

Hello All Craft Enthusiasts from near and far!

           Welcome to today's post which I am excited to share with you because Tiddly Inks has released a new image!!!  It's "Inkin' of you"!  This little digi showcases an astute squid in glasses, with a feather pen, scroll of paper and jar of ink in-well not in hand-but, in arms or tentacles! The sentiment also comes with this digi image!

          I love sea creatures and this is sure to be a fave of many!

          This card is my take on the Creature Feature Challenge this week!  You are welcome to participate and join in the Tiddly Ink's Challenge here!

          Thank You for stopping by!

          Cheers to all of the loved ones that are inking' of you right now!!!

         Buttercup xoxo

Bloom Where You Are Planted


           "Miss Anya Dressy"'s spring fashion is on point!
With a flower in her hair and a smile in her heart she is ready to greet the morning sunshine!  This card is inspired by The Greeting Farm's Challenge Blog.  The current challenge is to create a make with the theme of Flowers/Bloom Where You Are Planted!  I love that saying and that idea.  Wherever you are, bloom baby, bloom!
            Thank You so much for stopping by!!!

        Buttercup xoxo

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Whoops Gets FAB!

Happy Fabby Friday Everyone!

I hope today finds you full of gratitude, if just for one tiny thing! :)  Sometimes, being grateful for just one tiny thing is enough to turn your inside frown into a happy heart!  Cheesy alert! :)

Have you seen Whoops?  She's the retired Tiddly Ink's Image on my card.  She got all dolled up, put on her red boots, just to drop two scoops of ice-cream on the ground.  Hey girl, it happens to us all.  I feel your pain.  In events such as the afore mentioned, I try to be grateful for my one scoop, knowing there are people out there who have no scoops.  To everyone with no scoops, I wish to scoop you all up in my orangutan arms and give you all the ice-cream you so desire.  <3 and="" beyond="" literally="" metaphorically="" p="">
In the event you wish to explore the fun world of Tiddly, please check out the Challenge Blog HERE!

I think we are all here to help, heal, create and to inspire!  My wish is that you feel some kind of way and act accordingly!  If nothing I say makes sense, blame it on my espresso smoothie and know my intentions are well meaning :)

Enjoy your weekend and hug & love the ones your heart sings for!

         Buttercup xoxo