Saturday, July 17, 2010

FrogWoman has begun!!!

Hi Everybody!

Today I am sharing my other world with you: Acting! Here are a couple pics of the poster and the character I have the honor of playing on stage this month! Her name is FrogWoman! This quirky, cute play has a cast of 10 hilarious, talented actors I am thrilled to be working alongside them! I am much more green on stage than these photos portray. I'll have to add pics of the hilarious characters including: The Producer, The Fan, FrogWoman Heads 1,2&3, Burley 1,2&3, The Amphibianologist, Bob/Sue.SueBobFrog 1,2&3, Wizened FrogWoman and the Frogs (1,2&3)

FrogWoman is an outrageous dark comedy about the world famous
mega film star, FrogWoman, who is surgically enhanced to look like a human/frog hybrid. She escapes the clutches from her overprotective Producer to find her place in a dangerous and confusing world. Hunted down by her psychopathic Producer, chased by overzealous "FrogWomanHeads" and longing for her frog in shining armor, she goes from riches to rags and finds happiness and love along the way. This is a tale that will touch you, surprise you and make you hop away happily into the night!

Written by local writer and Theatre In My Basement founder, Chris Danowski and directed by the founder of Th Sic Sense Sketch Comedy Troupe, Franc Gaxiola.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. So stupendous! :) I am green with envy...LOL
    Seriously, you look beautiful in green. :)
    I hope it is tons of fun! :)
    You make sound so exciting.
    Ribbit! :)

  2. are one gorgeous frog! Hope you broke a leg....=)

  3. this just sounds absolutely hilarious, I hope it goes down a storm (like it sounds it should) ps love your makeup x


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