Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AMINALS AMINALS AMINALS!!! Tiddly Ink's Weekly Challenge :)

Have you ever loved someone and thought if they left you, you would turn into a cat lady? Are you a cat lady? Or a cat gentleman? Either way, or even if not, I'm sure you can imagine missing someone...and filling the void with...something else...food, business, trips, movies, TV, crafts, art, sports...cats...something. About Post-Heartbreak-Hobbies, do they introduce us to new facets of ourselves...or are they just covering up the pain of the missing the way things were? They do both. But instead of "covering up the missing" I would say Post Heartbreak Hobbies help focus our attention to something more enjoyable than a pint of icecream, a comforter and a couch.

Christy Crolls "Cat Girl" makes me think of a girl who is missing somebody. I imagine she is at someplace cozy like home, where she holds her fluffy blue-gray cat...but she takes being a cat lover to the next level: she has become a Cat Girl! How this transformation took place, only the Tabloids know. But she is still quite loveable.

Be careful who you love and who you hang out with, because you might start looking like them. WHISKERS!!! AHH!!! I'm going to start looking like an E00 Copic Marker if I'm not careful :)

Please know you are SO INVITED to join in on the Tiddly Ink's Challenge this week to use any Tiddly Ink's animal image in your project! I CAN'T WAIT to see this week's submissions as I love the new Tiddly Ink's animal images!!!



Buttercup :)


  1. This is a FANTASTIC take on the animals challenge!!

    I LOVE IT! So fabu for Halloween!!

    Crafty Hugs!

  2. You would make an adorable copic marker...:) I love this card....she is sort of sad isn't she...:(

  3. Fabulous card Portia! LOve the colours and the background is awesome.



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