Sunday, May 29, 2011

Queen of Hearts Paper Clay Doll FINALLY PAINTED!!!

Hello Everyone!

Today I finally painted my Queen of Hearts Paper Clay doll I made in a class with The Polka Dot Pixie many months ago!!!

I am happy to say I have been quite busy in theatre! And along with memorizing lines and prepping for a show, I often have to "cut out" other creative projects. And finally, I squeezed in time to finish this little gal!!! Whatcha think?

Well, it's back to going over my lines and working on my British RP :) (that's accent talk).

Know I sincerely appreciate your kind words and you even just taking the time to browse on my little blog here!

If you ever work with Paper Clay, please drop me a comment or an email, I would love to see your projects!

Take Care and Enjoy the moment!


Buttercup :) xoxo

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  1. Oh Buttercup she is AWESOME! I was just thinking yesterday about whether you had finished her...weird!!! I have taken two classes with Jenny now and I am just loving it. We made Little Red yesterday, guess that is why I was thinking of you. And I just finished my bunny this morning hopefully I will have pictures soon in the next day or two. Thanks for the inspiration and good luck with the accent.
    :) Rosa


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