Friday, July 1, 2011

Practicing Simplicity

Ever feel like a mermaid at the bottom of the sea? thinking, "someone told me there were plenty of fish, where are they?" Not that I'm looking, or a bottom-of-the-sea-mermaid or anything. Not that I wouldn't mind a hunky merman flipping his glowy bronze self my way; or anything. Not that. Not that. Not that. Or anything.

But if I was mermaid, I would have hot, red electric hair, I would wear a turquoise bikini top and have a purple tail. And my name would be...super you would find on the bottom of an OPI nail polish bottle. Not like Carmen Electra or Spartacus, Not like "Tutti Frutti Tonga" or "Lincoln Park After Dark" but...something so super amazing, I just can't even think of right now.
And with that super amazing name, I would swim aroun
d and save drunken sailors. I might even rescue a couple of bees and maybe even some turtles that get lost from the pack. I would definitely eat seaweed. And I would never have to worry about what shoes to wear. But knowing me, I would probably fall in love with a dolphin...and then I would spend my nights daydreaming, poached on some picturesque black rock, ima
gining how my life would be if I was a dolphin. After practicing my dolphin noises, I would realize I was never going to be a dolphin, and then blog about it. In bubbles. Like telepathically. And then the bubble would float to the shore, and it would pop at the tail of my merman to be. And he would sense my scaly presence and open merheart and you know...the rest is happily ever history.

But until then, here's a glimpse of a Super Exotically Named Mermaid at The Bottom of the Sea.

(if you actually read the aboveness, you can sense I have had a few ounces of caffeine too many!)

Thank You for checking in, for stopping by, for being here!

As for Supplies:

Original Design by me (I am testing my digi skills to see what y'all think)
Colored in Copics
Diamond Stickles
Paper (2)

If you have any specific questions you may email me at buttercupblogs at gmail dot com

THANK YOU!!! I hope your day is full of warmth and compassion. :)


Buttercup :) xoxo


  1. Omg! I'm truly amazed, love everything about her!

  2. This is another REALLY amazing drawing, girlie! I hope to see these as stamps one day! ;)

  3. Awesome Buttercup,I love your art doll style.
    You posted your blog on facebook and I am so glad took a peek. I love mermaids too and your blog is so cool.
    What a pleasure to visit you and I will be back for more. I adore you little red headed mermaid. Your so artful, thanks for sharing.
    Hugs,Laura. xoxx Another Mermaid lover..LOL

  4. Oh YEAH! Exotic alright, with a capital X (well, I meant E, but X sounds so much better, LOL) She is just gorgeous! LOVE her hair. Perhaps I'll have a bit more "flame" added to my color today. Love your story and the beautiful glitter you've added to her. WOW! When ya gonna start selling these? xxD


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