Monday, August 1, 2011

WORM GIRLS! Buttercup Originals!!! :)

Hello Blogesphere! Hello Art Enthusiasts! Creative Folks! Hello People with Funk & Style! Long time no see! I hope you are well, relaxed and getting all the love and sunlight you need.

As some of you know, I shared some of my original SHE CREATURES with you a couple weeks ago. I posted my original Mermaid Girls and an Octopus Girl. Yes, I am still in love with creatures of the Sea, but yesterday, I became fascinated by WORMS! And WORM GIRLS! So here are my first 2 WORM GIRLS!!! What do you think???

Why do I ask your opinion? Because I must know what sort of demand these Worm Girls may have so I can make them more fabulous and ready for your pleasure! and artistic endeavors!

This is actually WORM GIRL #2

Worm Girl #1

Thank You All for visiting me today!!! I hope you have a fabulous day!!!


Buttercup :) xoxox

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  1. I LOVE these worm-girlies! Super cute! You're so creative Buttercup!


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