Thursday, September 15, 2011

Presenting Not-Yet-Painted Pumpkin Paul! in Paperclay! xoxo

Hello Y'all!

I hope you are having a Splendid September so far! I know that you know FALL is fast upon us! Pumpkins and squash, autumn leaves, Halloween, apple cider and all that good stuff!!! I am SO excited as the weather drops outside :) It's a beautiful thing! And to get the house a bit more ready for fall festivities, I have sculpted Pumpkin Paul made out of Paperclay. This is 100% my original design and I can't wait to paint Pumpking Paul!!! Stay tuned for those photos!

I hope you find a moment to slow down, enjoy the view, the fresh air or, whatever else is there :)

Thank You tons for stopping by!!! Much love to you all in bloggertown!


Buttercup :) xoxxo

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