Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Promotional Flyer For a Funny Guy

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying your day today, and getting just the right amount of sunshine!!!

As for what I have been up to: Acting, Writing, Drawing and honestly, missing my handmade crafting!!! And the blogosphere!  I miss you guys :'(

Here in Phoenix, Arizona, there is this super FUN, super RAUNCHY 18 and over sketch comedy troupe called th[sic]sense sketch comedy troupe.  When I am available, I love to perform with them!  And when I am already booked elsewhere, I am thrilled to write for them!  We are talking 30 second to 7 minute little sketches which may or may not be filled with adult content but always full of love and laugh inducing material.  At least, that's the hope!

Our current show, which runs for one more weekend, is called th[sic]sense: No Class!  Aside from contributing 2 sketches, I also drew up this here FLYER!  Opening for us, we have been incredibly lucky to have Scott Gesser perform his original songs!  He is so clever and will make you laugh at things you swore you would never laugh at!  ONE DAY he will have a CD or you'll be able to download his hilarious music, but for now, trust.  Or, just come to his next show in AZ!

Now, back to crafts!

Materials Used for this Promotional Flyer:

Pink Paper
"Bricked" stamp by Tim Holtz
Black Ink Copic Pens for the drawing of Scott Gesser
Copic Markers
Pinks, Browns, Reds, Yellows stamp inks for distressing
Fine White Paint Marker for highlights
Fine Red Paint Marker for details
www.dafont.com for various FREE FONTS available for download
scissors and glue!
And always, a willingness to be imperfect (the drawing has 6 fingers! oops!)

Questions? Comments?  Please connect.

THANK YOU for stopping by!  MUAH! XOXOX



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