Thursday, June 2, 2016

Anything Goes with Gossmere!

Hello and Welcome!!!

It's the gorgeous Gossmere!  Her tattered dress and sparkly crown are just a few of her fancy fashion accoutrements!  She is a girl who likes to dress up, play with dolls and sport an up-do!  Wa-hoo!

What do you like to wear to feel FANCY?  If I want to be fancy, I'll go for lipstick (a must), earrings and maybe a bracelet.  In my daily life, I am not much of a jewelry person.  I work with paints and all kinds of messes so I steer clear of the jewels most days.

Gossmere is one of my favorite Tiddly Ink's images!  She is a classic beauty who seems imaginative and fun!!!

I hope you found some inspo here!!!  Isn't that a word now?  Inspo?  Well, I hope it is!


Buttercup xoxo

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  1. To tell the truth, I don't do fancy. Just can't pull it off. I wear patterned socks....does that count as fancy? :-)

    Fab card! The sparkly background is cool.


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