Thursday, August 18, 2016

Anything Goes with Shy Violet!!!

She's SPUNKY!  She's funky!  She really likes monkeys!  She might not say, "Hi" but she's not rude, she's just SHY!  Say "Hiiiiieeeeyyy!" to Shy Violet! hahaha

Oh Yes, this girl is no Shrinking Violet, oh no, she's just a little bit shy!

I can be shy too.  Unless you meet me on a stage or at work, I am reserved in the worlds in between.  So basically in my car.  Yes, in my car I'm pretty quiet. :)

This little card is for the Anything Goes Post this week!  I used the digi stamp Shy Violet because she may be quiet, but you can tell she is one fierce flower!

We all have many sides!  We are diamonds baby!  I hope you learn to love all of your fascinating facets, from your quiet shy side to your verbose, sassy side!  Each personality aspect serves a purpose to help us heal and reveal our best selves.

Thank You for stopping by!!!

From one Sometimes Shy/Sometimes Sassy Gal to another,  my wish for you is to face yourself and embrace yourself <3 p="">

Buttercup xoxo

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  1. Another post that totally made me smile. Fantastic card! I especially love the background.


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