Thursday, June 23, 2011

Original Design by Me :)

Last night I couldn't get to sleep. I went back and forth from reading, to staring at the wall...and finally decided to get a pen and paper and doodle. Today, I colored in that doodle, and it turned into this.

I must say, I forgot how much fun it is to draw...and how natural it flows...I am so grateful to have a handful of great artist friends all around the world who continue to push on and pursue their passion...Seeing others live their artistic dreams inspires me and fills my heart with hope.

Why I drew a mermaid in clothes, I cannot tell you. Maybe she's a little more modest than most mermaids. Or a human wannabe. She has a few props in her hair, almost like an "i spy" lady. I would love to hear what your interpretation of her hair props are.

She is colored in the usual copics, diamond stickles, and the sentiment is from a Tim Holtz clear stamp collection.

One of my goals is to eventually have my designs available for your's a work in progress and I am at the very beginning stages of making that happen...what do you think? or prefer? Digis or rubber?

Anyway, thank you sleepless nights...and mumbling brain...and paper and pen for helping me stay sane :)

Much Love to all you art enthusiasts! I sincerely appreciate your precious time :)


Buttercup :) xoxo

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  1. I love her! It's no surprise to me that you can draw, you are truly talented in the artist department. I would love Digi form. I think her props mean she is a busy mermaid and needs those items at the spur of the moment.


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