Thursday, September 29, 2016

Happy ANYTHING GOES with Tiddly Inks!!!

          This is Molly's Cup of Love!  How many times have you bonded with a dear friend over a Cup of Coffee?  Hot chocolate?  A good meal?  Those moments when we actually sit down beside each other, or across from each other, or diagonal even, those are precious times!!!

         Last night I was HONORED to have a friend call me up needing some advice on politeness.  You see, she had sort of lead someone to believe she may be able to meet up when in fact, circumstances had changed and she was no longer interested.  So, I said, "Just say, listen b****, lol, nope." And that was that.  Haha.  Only half kidding.  Being in a situation in which you have to reject someone is not fun, but often necessary.  It makes me think of that song, "You gotta be cruel to be kind".  And if someone feels they are wasting their time being in my presence, shoo fly shoo! Life is SO SHORT, and having friends and loved ones you enjoy being around is the place to be!  Sure, sometimes you might have to hang out with less desirable options but if there's a choice, be where the love is!

         Feel free to join in our Anything Goes Challenge where EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO PLAY!!!! Provided, of course, you use a Tiddly Ink Image and a new make!

        Happy Crafting!!!!!!!


        Buttercup xoxo

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