Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blue Skellie! Halloween in December! :)

Happy Holidays Everybody! I hope you are finding time to slow down, rest and enjoy this wonderful season! I love winter! Living in a warm climate makes loving winter very easy! :) Now, before I return to celebrating the holidays, I need to dip back into Halloween and share my Blue Skellie I recently finished! (Just in time for a surprise Xmas gift!)

Here he is with Girl Skellie! I think they make a very cute couple! And soon they will be traveling together to their new home in I-can't-say-where;it's-a-gift-state! :)
Enjoy your Holidays! Whether you are a mad shopper, a mad crafter, a mad traveler, a mad chef, may you thoroughly get lost and found in your chosen passion! Thank You for stopping by my little blog here.

Now onto SUPPLIES for those curious:
*Paper Clay, wooden sticks, foam balls, acrylic paints, paper mache box

Merry Christmas / Happy Celebrations of Happy Kinds! :)


Buttercup :) XOXO


  1. Precious couple! What a lucky recipient! LOVE them! xxD

  2. Oh what a lovely couple.
    Wonderful work. I love them.

  3. oooo ooo ooo I love them too, they are even more excellent than the snowman and I didn't think that was possible hehe you are very good with the clay x

  4. Fabulous! I adore this couple!


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