Thursday, September 10, 2015

Foxer Upper!!! So cute!!!

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Isn't this image "Foxer Upper" just the cutest??  I must admit, I have not bandaged up a fox, but I have rescued one or two baby lizards from inside of my house!  Tonight I even did just exactly that.  You know the drill.  Clear cup.  Stiff piece of paper.  Cover lizard with cup and shimmy that paper while being ever so gentle as not to damage the little lizard legs.  Then BOOK IT to the front door where FREEDOM and (also predators) await.  But hopefully mostly just freedom :)

It's a beautiful act, isn't it?  When we notice, first of all, we do need to notice that someone is in need.  We see the look on their face.  The slump of their shoulders.  We hear the tone of their voice.  The pause they take before speaking.  Because we are observant, we give them the appropriate amount of space before diving in and helping them heal.  Friends.  Strangers.  Family.  Foxes.  Sometimes we are the bandager and sometimes we are the wounded.  But mostly we're probably both.  Always both.  In need of a bandaid while bandaging someone who is moreso…

My Mom is a helper. I have been driving in my little honda civic with her when she notices a lady slip on a puddle on the sidewalk and to the side of the road we pull over, so she can be an angel to this lady in need who is temporarily paralyzed, her arm broken behind her back, her body contorted as we wait and give her shade in the hot Arizona sun, for the professionals to arrive.

It amazes me how some people just stand around and watch a person in need.  We all react differently in distress.  Some freeze.  Because I was raised by a woman who knows not the word "freeze" but instead lives a life of "I must help now", that's what I saw growing up, so that's what I do, and I am also grateful for others who do so too.  Hold someone's hand.  Ask them their name.  Make small talk.  All of these little tiny acts help hearts in big, huge ways when someone is in pain, visible or otherwise.

Whether you are the wounded fox or the Foxer Upper, I hope you know that you are loved, and are helping others just by being you!  Woo-hoo!!!

Ok, so I got off on a tangent there and forgot to list my materials, here they are:

Colored in Copics
Sizzix Die Cut
Blue Metallic Marker
Melted Chocolate Dylusions Paint for Edges
Buttons, Paper Flowers, Burlap String
White Pen 

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       Buttercup :) xoxo

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  1. Such a lovely post to match your lovely card! And now I know what to do if a ever have to evict a lizard from my house (though, seeing as I'm in Ontario, I doubt I'll ever need to :-) ).


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