Monday, April 11, 2016

New Image Reveal!

He's a very sassy Squiddddy!  
The kind that lives deep in the ocean!
He's so smart!
He writes letters!
He even knows how to do calligraphy!  
And right now he is "inking' of you"!
Could he be your Squiddy Boo?

Hello All Craft Enthusiasts from near and far!

           Welcome to today's post which I am excited to share with you because Tiddly Inks has released a new image!!!  It's "Inkin' of you"!  This little digi showcases an astute squid in glasses, with a feather pen, scroll of paper and jar of ink in-well not in hand-but, in arms or tentacles! The sentiment also comes with this digi image!

          I love sea creatures and this is sure to be a fave of many!

          This card is my take on the Creature Feature Challenge this week!  You are welcome to participate and join in the Tiddly Ink's Challenge here!

          Thank You for stopping by!

          Cheers to all of the loved ones that are inking' of you right now!!!

         Buttercup xoxo

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  1. He definitely knows how to do calligraphy! Wonderful card!


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