Thursday, April 7, 2016

Whoops Gets FAB!

Happy Fabby Friday Everyone!

I hope today finds you full of gratitude, if just for one tiny thing! :)  Sometimes, being grateful for just one tiny thing is enough to turn your inside frown into a happy heart!  Cheesy alert! :)

Have you seen Whoops?  She's the retired Tiddly Ink's Image on my card.  She got all dolled up, put on her red boots, just to drop two scoops of ice-cream on the ground.  Hey girl, it happens to us all.  I feel your pain.  In events such as the afore mentioned, I try to be grateful for my one scoop, knowing there are people out there who have no scoops.  To everyone with no scoops, I wish to scoop you all up in my orangutan arms and give you all the ice-cream you so desire.  <3 and="" beyond="" literally="" metaphorically="" p="">
In the event you wish to explore the fun world of Tiddly, please check out the Challenge Blog HERE!

I think we are all here to help, heal, create and to inspire!  My wish is that you feel some kind of way and act accordingly!  If nothing I say makes sense, blame it on my espresso smoothie and know my intentions are well meaning :)

Enjoy your weekend and hug & love the ones your heart sings for!

         Buttercup xoxo

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  1. A wonderful blog post to match a wonderful card! I hope you have a lovely weekend, Portia!


I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts! TYVM <3