Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall for Tiddly Ink's: Goodbye Summer Challenge

Hello Whoever's Watching :) Fall is a tough season to wrap my imagination around while I am sweating in 90 degree weather...but I'll try :) Fall is the time of year that makes me go, "WHAT? What month is it? What happened to last month?" From fall on, time rapidly passes...and then it's Halloween Party! Christmas Party! Jewish Holiday Party! New Years! Valentine's Day! Ah! How did we get so many holidays?

I'm more of a fan of celebrating the Unbirthdays, the Nonholidays...preparing meals for no reason, giving gifts out of season...calling people on the phone just because I can. When there's the pressure of apreprinted-generally acknowledged holiday on a calendar...I'd rather take a nap. (this is only slightly true).

Back to the craft at hand! This week's Tiddly Ink's Challenge is to use your Tiddly Ink's images to create a "Fall" inspired project or card. As you can see, fall makes me think of a blond girl being tangled in a leash, wondering where all the time went. Birds fly. Metal flowers grow. Clocks tick. And sparkle. :)

Thank You so much for checking in! Please feel free to participate in this week's challenge, and share some of your own crafty flare.

Peace & Skittles
Love, Buttercup XOXO

Questions? Email me at buttercupblogs@gmail.com


  1. This card is so full of color! It's gorgeous.

  2. Such a lovely card Portia! Love the sentiment and the clock, gorgeous colours as always!


  3. Love it!!! Nice combination of goodies....so pretty. :)


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