Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dolls Aren't So Creepy!

...they're CUTE! Or at least, a day of doll making has made me feel this way... Meet "Pixie Brewster"...feminine and a little rough around the edges...just like the best of 'em. Men included :)

Here she is without wand, with wand...and this is her not fully completed, no sparkles, no bling, no hair accessories...but I am kind of liking her grunged out.

This little lady is what I came home with after a Pixie class with Jenny Adams Hernandez. I have seen a few samples from Jenny's classes and have admired how ridiculously cute and unique her creations are. Today was so fun because I got to make my own!

The instructions are classified information which I am not allowed to share :( But I can say, they're made of "Creative Paperclay" which is AWESOME and really easy to manipulate. I highly suggest playing with it...

Craft on Ladies and Gentleman!
Thank You so much for checking her out. Let me know what you feel and think about dolls. Creepy? Cute? What? Thanks:)



  1. omg this is cute and awesome i want one hahaha

  2. She's just as cute as can be! Gotta get me some paper clay! xxD


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