Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tiddly Ink's Challenge: Share Your Favorite Movie!

Do you ever feel crazed? Hazed? Dazed? Amazed? Almost like you're in a maze? And you don't even know where the cheese is! Or, where your baby brother is? ...me neither. But Jennifer Connely, or her character in Labyrinth, well, she felt that way. And this little arch is inspired by that exact movie! From 1986.

Tiddly Ink's Challenge this week is to create a card or paper project using your Tiddly Ink's stamps, which is inspired by one of your favorite movies. When I saw "Katrina" it instantly made me think of Jennifer Connely in the opening scene of Labyrinth directed by Jim Henson.

STAMPS: By Tiddly Inks: Katrina/Gothic Window/Castle in the Sky. By Stamper's Anonymous: Bricked.
COLORED: in copics and distress inks
ARCH: Fancy Gothic Arch #1 by Roni Johnson Ink Stains from The Gothic Arches.

You are all welcome to play along! Thank You for stopping by :)



  1. I had to pop over and say hi...This card is soooo amazing..It brought such a smile to my face!!
    Me n my little sis loved the Labrynth and watched it alsmost everyday..we used to annoy mom n dada as we knew all the words (still do lol)

    just fab xx

  2. I love this movie, I knew what it was right away! As per usual, great art Buttercup! Love her hair!

  3. Oh, this is my second favorite movie of all time....Love the "babe" song Mr Bowie sings...LOL The whole movie is so silly and I love it. :)

    Oh, and I love the card too. hehehe

  4. what a fabulous card and coloring....it's perfect....


  5. So beautiful! I love your vivid colors. I was a kid when this movie came out and I have not seen all but a few minutes, which is pretty wierd because it seems like totally my kind of movie. I just added it to my netflix account to watch. Thanks for the inspiration as always! :)

  6. oh this is wow AMAZING.i used to watch the Labyrinth,too.


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