Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 Get Into It! SDC177

Get Into It for 2015!

Hello Craft Enthusiasts!

Stampotique's Designer Challenge 177 is to make a creation pertaining to your New Year's Resolution using a rubber or a cling stamp!  Details for the challenge are here.

I stumbled a bit, deciding on a resolution.  I don't really do resolutions.  While crafting I listened to my favorite podcast, You Made It Weird hosted by Pete Holmes. You can listen to it here.  It's for mature audiences, has adult themes, language and is full of comedy and spiritual talk.  In other words, it's PERFECT! For this Buttercup anyway ;).  The reason I bring You Made It Weird into this, is because the host always says, "Get into it!" or "Let's get into it!" when his guest is about to dive into a heavy topic or share an exciting story.  And that's when I knew-there it is!  My resolution is to Get Into It!

My 2015 is going to be about Getting Into it!  All of it! I am in a sketch troupe and we have a show coming up in a month which we are still writing.  I am going to GET INTO it and write, create characters and just be more into it than ever.  Tomorrow I have an audition for a commercial and yeah, I'm going to be incredibly silly and get into playing this silly enthusiastic part.  I'm just going to devote myself more to the present moment, even typing this up with fervor and excitement.  Because this moment folks, this is it.  If you pour your heart into the present, you will hear what is not being said and know who needs a hug or a snack.  And sometimes, it might be you.  And that is ok.  

My wish is for us all to be more open, honest and trusting of ourselves first.  To calm ourselves and hear what our heart is saying.  This past week mine has been saying, "MAKE CARDS! ORGANIZE YOUR CRAFT SUPPLIES!  CLEAN YOUR BATHROOM EXTRA CLEAN!" So, I did, and I feel great.  And now my heart is saying, "Tell the people in the blogesphere to chill and listen and be honest with themselves in 2015…and beyond!".

So now you know the origin of the saying on this card.  Now, for the card:

stamps by Daniel Torrente from Stampotique:
materials used: copics, watercolor, black & white marker, brads, glue, diamond stickles, lips sticker, dylusions ranger rubber wooden stamps alphabet set, green pom pom trim

Thank You all for taking the time to stop by!  Now, let's get into it!!! :D

                                 Buttercup xoxo


  1. This is beautiful and I love your use of the Stampotique images. Love that your letting your heart lead you, I need to do that more often as well. Thanks for joining us at Stampotique this week.

  2. Great card...Love your background. Thanks for playing with us this week at Stampotique.

    1. Beautiful!
      Thanks for joining us at the Stampotique Designers Challenge :)

      xx Arwen


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